Granada, Nicaragua: January 17-19, 2012  -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: April 10, 2012


RIO 12 − LAREF 2012

International Congress and Exhibition on Renewable Energy
17−19 January 2012 at Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua

Due to the latest developments in the renewable energy market, the set-up of a sustainable energy supply at competitive costs becomes a reality in many regions of our planet.

At the RIO 12 congress, international specialists and researchers will show the possibilities of solar energy (Prof. Dr. Stefan Krauter, University of Paderborn), biomass energy (Prof. Dr. Telemaco, chairman of CNU, supervising board of all Nicaraguan universities), wind energy (Dr. Norma Rodriguez Progressive Engineering, PE-Concepts, Essen, Germany) and geothermal power (Prof. Dr. Uwe Tröger, Berlin University of Technology). Also from Berlin University of Technology, the engineer Marco Schmidt will present solutions for energy saving in buildings. For the planning process of PV systems, Dr. Valentin from Berlin will demonstrate the latest simulation software. Prof. Dr. Stadler, from the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne will give an insightful talk about the interaction between Renewables and the electricity network: How to stabilize the grid system, considering the fluctuating supply of solar and wind power. Event languages are English and Spanish - with simultaneous translation in both directions.

The event will be inaugurated on January, 17th at 9 am by the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Development, Industry and Commerce, the President of COSEP, the Director of ProNicaragua and the Secretary of the Presidency for National Policies.

At the exhibition, most Nicaraguan universities and international companies such as Valentin Software, Riosolar Ltda, Tecnosol, ECAMI, Ecolumen and J.S.K. Power Solutions (India) will be present. On January 19, three different three trips renewable energy projects (wind, solar, biomass and geothermal) will take place. Latest information is available via or vi e-mail:

RIO 12 is organized by the Department of Electrical Energy Technology and Sustainable Energy Concepts of the University of Paderborn.