Granada, Nicaragua: January 17-19, 2012  -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: April 10, 2012

Expert workshop on PV implementation in Brazil

Due to the late publication of the new Brazilian grid-feeding regulation, the RIO 12 - PV Expert Workshop is now on 10th of April 2012, so the regulation can be discussed in detail.

Hotel Novotel, Santos Dumont, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Portuguese and English

The Brazilian Government established a net-metering legislation for Photovoltaic Grid- Feeding in 2011 which will get into power in early 2012. That legislation - together with high levels of solar irradiance, elevated electricity prices, and a prospering population - sets the ground for a new, highly attractive market. The expert workshop in Rio de Janeiro on 10th of April 2012 will focus on the technical (grid connection requirements in particular), legislative, and administrative issues of PV-implementation in Brazil. The invited speakers are senior experts from the Brazilian energy program, the regulatory agency, import certification and customs. The target groups are investors, planners and installers.

590.00 € or 775.00 US-$, including: Documentation, Coffee breaks, Lunch, Conference Dinner
Cost for simultaneous translation into German: 420.00 € or 555.00 US-$

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Dr. Mauro Passos, Instituto IDEAL (Institute for the Development of Renewable Energies in Latin America), Florianopolis, Brazil:
Opening and Moderation (to be confirmed).

Prof. Dr. Stefan Krauter, Photovoltaik Institut Berlin, University of Paderborn, Germany: PV 3.0 – History of PV:
From indispensible markets to policy-driven markets to natural markets.

Fabio Stacke, Superintendência de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento e Eficiência Energética – ANEEL, Brasilia :
Arranjos Técnicos e Comerciais para Inserção da Geração Solar Fotovoltaica na Matriz Energética Brasileira - a nova Resolução de Mini e Microgeração.

Coffee break

Prof. Dr. Ingo Stadler, University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany:
German technical minimum requirements for the connection of power generators to the low voltage distribution network.

Dr. Klaus Preiser, Badenova, Freiburg, Germany:
Integration of PV-Systems in the low voltage grid - experience of the German utility Badenova.

Adão Linhares Muniz, Energo, Fortaleza, Brazil:
Garantia da Qualidade e Rastreabilidade para Painéis Fotovoltaicos.

Questions & Discussion


Dr. André Trigeiro, Journalist & TV-Moderator:
Opening & Moderation (to be confirmed)
(max. 10 minutes presentation each, 2 hours of discussion in total).

Challenges for the PV market in Brazil

  • Financing: Dr. Marcio Macedo, Chefe do Departamento de Políticas Ambientais do BNDES (to be confirmed)
  • Production: Adão Linhares Muniz, Energo, Brazil.
  • Regulation: Fabio Stacke, Especialista em Regulação, ANEEL, Brasilia
  • Market development: Leónidas Andrade, ABINEE, Brazil

Final Remarks & Ending