Granada, Nicaragua: January 17-19, 2012  -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: April 10, 2012


Be Utility – Profit margins of PV production at an all-time low. However, the value-chain after PV-generation units manufacture towards electricity supply is still very profitable. In particular in countries and regions that offer elevated solar irradiance levels and have high-priced end-consumer tariffs for electricity.

An example: At an irradiance level of 2100 kWh/m²a, PV generation capacity of 1680 kWh/kWp, system cost of 1.8 EUR/Wp, yield during 20 years is 33.6 kWh/Wp - that results in a minimum generation cost of 0.054 EUR/kWh (no degradation, 0% interest rate), or as a business model: for a 0.12 EUR/kWh sales price at an interest rate of 9%/a (module degradation is compensated by increase of electricity price).